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We are an independent, family run business, and so are free to pick and choose from all the best brands to stock your vending machine.

From snacks to ice cream, chilled sandwiches to hot meals, we can provide all your favourite names.

Here are just a few of the products we have on offer, if there is anything you specifically require that's not on our list, just give us a call, we're sure we will be able to provide it.

Coke Twirl Wispa Lucozade Energy
Nutri Grain Walkers Cheese and Onion Mars Polos
Nescafe Coffee Oreos McCoys Salt & Malt Vinegar Fanta
Dr Pepper Cadbury Caramel Double Decker Coke Zero
Pepsi Walkers French Fries Geobar Diet Pepsi
Tomato Wheat Crunchies Crunchies Minstrels Milfresh
Galaxy Drinking Chocolate Yorkie Cadbury shortcake Snack Maltesers
M&M Peanut Kinder Bueno Galaxy Caramel Fair Trade Apple & Sultana Flapjack
Dairy Milk Fair Trade Kit Kat Chunky Kit Kat Drifter
Pepsi Max Mountain Dew Tango Orange Tango Apple
Walkers Ready Salted Yazoo Boost Drench
Chocolate & Raisin Fair Trade 7 up Juicy Drench Lucozade
McCoys Flame Grilled Bacon Wheat Aero Bounty
Lucozade Sport Raspberry Snickers McCoys Cheese & Onion Walkers Salt and Vinegar

To find out more about our products just call Leeds (0113) 2655701.