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Fairtrade vending machine produce


Corporate responsibiliy is increasingly becoming a priority for companies and organisations all over the world.

It's not only what you do, but how you are perceived to do it at every level - from environmental issues, to your supply chain companies' ethics and their individual codes of practice.

Fairtrade. A fair price to pay for doing good

Total Vending Solutions can stock your vending machines with a whole range of high quality Fairtrade produce, so that your staff or emplyees can enjoy great tasting drinks - safe in the knowledge that the actual producers are getting a fair return for their hard work.

Stocking products that are Fairtrade does more than reflect your morals as a company or organisation, it gives hope to farmers around the world, especially coffee growers, that they will get a decent price for their produce - which can be over 300% more than the commercially weighted market price.

Fairtrade Foundation growers can also receive a premium that they can invest in their own chosen community projects.

We try to give all our customers the maximum choice and ideal solutions to meet their needs, Fairtrade is just on example.

To find out more about our Fairtrade Vending, just us on call Leeds (0113) 2655701 or for further reading, please visit the Fairtrade website.