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Acting on CO2 needn't cost the earth


CO2 emissions are inexorably linked to global warming which is changing weather patterns throughout the world - mainly for the worse.

As a responsible comany we have to consider every action that we take, from our choice of vehicles and the fuels they use, to our suppliers' standards and distances involved in delivering the best product at the right price.

Behaving global, acting local

To keep our company's carbon footprint to a minimum, we always try to use local British businesses to supply our vending machines, produce and services.

All our vehicles run on bio fuels where possible, and we only service businesses within the Yorkshire region to keep our transportation distances, and emissions, to a minimum.

We stock the most energy efficient vending machies and most have timer options so they can go into sleep mode out of office hours.

This is not a self-righteous ambition. To us, it just makes sound financial sense that if you can deliver a better standard of product and service, while at the same time doing your bit for planet, what have you got to lose?

All you can do is win more customers who share the same concerns, and they can feel good that they have made the right choice without any additional financial cost.

To find out more about our CO2 policies, just us on call Leeds (0113) 2655701 or click here to visit the Act on CO2 website.